Aldo Martinez on “After Religion”


In the article “Why the World No Longer Needs Religion” the author argues that religion is doing more harm in the world today, making a negative impact in society, rather than good. For example the author makes the claim that religion does not really give morality, and that religion or being religious is not a pre-requisite to be a good moral person. Also, recently religion has been used as an excuse to commit some of the most violent events in history, such as terrorist attacks by ISIS. The author argues that the world today is a much more sophisticated and knowledgeable than in the era in which the early humans developed. Thus, “religion has outgrown its usefulness” and is a thing of the past that we must get rid of before it becomes toxic and harms our future.

The argument the author makes in this article that religion is no longer necessary is most closely related to James Frazer’s ideas of religion dying off and being a “survival” we no longer need. Just as Frazer argued that religion in the form of animism, polytheism, and monotheism were being eclipse and replaced by more modern technology and science, the author of this article argues that religion is no longer necessary in the world due to the knowledge we now have and science. Frazer refers to religion as a survival, which was needed in primitive societies and helped societies cope with disasters and suffering but argued that as society advanced it no longer needed this survival. Here the author of the article refers to religion as a sort of “survival” which we needed in the past but now that the world has advanced technologically and scientifically we must get rid of religion, the survival. The failure to get rid of this old survival would leave us in danger of harming society and prevent scientific and technological advances rather than doing us good. Even though religion was useful in the past such as in slavery because it helped those in bondage find hope it is something that has died off and no longer applies to the modern civilization and harms the world with its ideologies, especially developing country.


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