David Zhu on “Religion and Video Games”


Video games give players a whole array of different emotions.  Some video games also have very detailed stories that end up teaching the player an important lesson.  In this online blog, the question of whether or not a video game could be the basis of a religion is posed.  It goes on to discuss how religion and certain video games are not all that different from each other.  Themes of religion are also present within video games, or ideas that are very similar to ones in a current religion.  It also talks about how a video game can be just as immersive as a modern day religion.

I believe that in essence, certain video games could have been potentially been made into religions.  According to William James, religious experiences are real because they shape the formation of an individual.  Video games have the power to do that just like any religion out there.  There have been video games that I have played that have taught me life lessons that I still believe in to this day.  I think that because a video game can become very immersive, the messages that they portray or impart on the player can have a very lasting effect, therefore shaping the formation of that individual for the rest of their life.


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