Raul Vernonica Asks About Religion and the Presidency

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This article is about the last press conference that Obama had, just a couple of days before the new president elect is inaugurated. In his last press conference Obama opens up to the reporters and answers any questions that they might have. They bring up a lot of questions that range from Donald Trump to LGBT rights. The response that Obama gave to one question though, really caught my attention. The question that a reporter asked was if he believed that there would be another black president. Obama answered by saying that he believed that there would be many different types of presidents, like a woman, Latino, Jewish, or Hindu.

This relates back to our class in the way that religion was used in order to address a question in the public sphere. Obama believed that there could be a president that was Hindu and not just a president that was Christian. He made it known that Christianity and Hinduism were of equal status. Obama did not create this hierarchy of religions like the scholars that we have been reading and learning about. It could be thought of as a way of saying that Hinduism and Christianity are both at the last stage of Tylor’s unilinear model of Savagery – Barbarism – Modern. The religions that are practiced in the U.S. have all gone through this evolutionary model because they are all still modern and of equal status, due to Obama’s belief in their being a president that practices a different religion.


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