Jose Quintero: “US Embassy in Jerusalem”

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During the 2016 presidential race, Donald Trump promised that he will move the United States embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem. Now as the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump is completing his promise. Such move would signify America’s backing of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Both Israel and Palestine claim Jerusalem as their capital, with the Israelis controlling West Jerusalem and the Palestinians controlling East Jerusalem. This split was created in 1949 and has stayed ever since. Such move which would only complicate Palestinian-Israeli relations. The United States has already close relations with Israel, more so than than the Muslim state of Palestine. The United Nations Security Council has recently condemned Israel for building settlements on Palestinian land. President Donald Trump does want to make a two-state resolution but such move could destroy any notion of the resolution from even occurring.

This news can relate back to Durkheim’s theory of  totemism. For these two states,the totem is Jerusalem. As stated above Jerusalem is split by the Palestinians and the Jews.This is in contrast with Durkheim’s interpretation of the totem, which states that only one clan can have the totem. The moving of the United States embassy means that one’s interpretation of the totem is far more important than the other. With the sacred and profane they coexist as their religion is part of their identity. For the Israelis, the profane stands for the benefit of being the only recognized state in the region. The sacred for the Israelis comes out as being a complete Jewish state.



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