Juan Chavez: “S.J. Crasnow on LGBTQ Issues in the Jewish Community”

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On the talk given on the 12th of January by S.J. Crasnow, she spoke about the Creating Change Conference that occurred at Chicago. In that conference there were going to be two different events going on: Wider Bridge reception speaking LGBTQ and Israelis, and Immigration Customs Enforcement (I.C.E.) panel. The conflict arose in different ways and one of them was that I.C.E. was present making people feel uncomfortable and another issue that came about was about the cancellation of the reception and later was reinstated due to the openness to more than one opinion trying to reach solutions. During the reception, protestors went and were against the pinkwashing, variety of marketing and political strategies aimed to promote a product appealing to queers, that was occurring in Israel. According to Crasnow, it was mentioned that the protestors mission was to make a commitment to Social Justice and resisted the idea that is a possibility to speak of the rights of Israel without talking of the Israel treatment towards Palestine.

The way the issue has been made, it shows how a community has suffered because there are many things entangled and not having a clear topic. The idea of a clear topic is just to show how the ideas brought up by the speaker expanded into what is the drastic issue of two different religions and location. As discussed with the idea of Karl Marx how there is a superstructure and a base, I see that the superstructure is religion making the location sacred which the base is the location and its value. Also through the political implication one group is trying to conquer a settle dispute and claim it as their own. Similar to social class trying to conquer other social class, the case here would be if you implicate one group of people there needs to be an attachment of the other group. If both groups do not get mentioned it can mean through us that the group mentioned has the rite of stand for the location. Also with a topic of trying to create change can be an indirect way of trying to fight and resist one group from completely overpowering the other through means of mistreating the group of people. It is in reference to both the conference of Wider Bridge and the panel of I.C.E.


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