Nghia Lee: “Islam Oustide the American To

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During recent week, the country has been surprised by President Trump’s executive order. The order limit traveling in and out of America from multiple countries in the Middle East. Many people are upset by this order, including Former President Barack Obama. Just 10 days after leaving the White House, he spoke out and criticized the decision. He mentions about the religious right that our citizen and legal residents have based on the Constitution. He feels sympathy for the people who got stuck in foreign countries and he is also upset about the order. Our country has been running by the idea of free religion practicing and it should not be void.

In class, we have discussed that there are different forms and definitions of religion but religion itself should not be the reason for discrimination against different people and races. In this case, President Donald Trump assumes all people who come from Middle Eastern countries are terrorists and are threat to America. Religion can be practiced freely based on our founding Fathers and they are universal. In many cases, religion is usually not a problem. It is the people who use religion as an excuse to cause problems to others. Moreover, according to Durkheim, a function of religion is to keep the society and community together. However, Muslim is not an accepted religion in America and it is against the idea of Durkheim. The Muslim ban from President Trump has created a discrimination against other belief in America and it has torn the country apart. America has been a country of diversity and it is beautiful. If the ban is enforced and becomes a law, class religion will most likely be established. As a country, everyone should help each other, despite their beliefs or religions.


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