Vanessa Gonzalez: “Immigration Ban/ Muslim Ban”

Image result for MUSLIM BAN

The new U.S. presidency has brought controversy on highly debated topics one of which is immigration. Based on the name of the ban one can assume it is a ban on all immigration, but in fact it is just against countries of a Muslim majority population. The executive order bans refugees from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen until the federal government approves and screens “potential terrorist”.

To many that is great news since the rise of “islamophobia” from 9/11 to present day shootings, even though  not all of attacks were caused by muslims. It is a controversial executive order because it opposes the American values of religious freedom and acceptance. The issue quickly gained momentum when many legal residents “Green card holders” coming from those countries were also not allowed in the United States. Protests erupted in airports throughout the nation advocating against the ban.

In order to create “collective consciousness” as presented by Durkheim, the president of the United States aims to blame a group of people for the countries tragedies. By having social coherence within a country, it is easier to mold and control human behavior  through a shared system of beliefs (Lecture). The “Muslim Ban” not only prohibits the entrance of Muslims to the country,but opens a door to hostile behavior in the country, targeting a religious group. The cliche saying of “history repeats itself” seems to be appropriate at this moment in time. Instead of discriminating against Jews for the economic decline in Germany, the president of the United States aims to discriminate Muslims for the insecurity of the country. The question is why only those countries? United Arab Emirates,Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Lebanon do not appear on this list. As Weber argues,religion affects the economic sector in society, so can it be that the president of the United States is turning a blind eye to these countries in hopes of creating business and economic ties with them?


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