Juan Chavez: “The Pope and the Rohingya”

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In the article I read it spoke about Pope Francis and his argument defending the rights of Rohingya who are Muslims. He spoked against the Burma’s government and their mistreatment of the Muslims which is also referred by the UN report that was sent in. Also, the Rohingya Muslims have been denied citizenship, denied an education, and denied to have more than 2 children. In addition, Pope Francis also considered them the most oppressed people on Earth and pleaded to the community from the Vatican to pray for the migrants. Lastly he says to let the Rohingya live their faith.

Marx, in his time, he would say that religion is only present to keep the oppressed, oppressed. The way he approaches religion is by saying that religion is a superstructure which is the creation of a base created by us. Marx argues that the superstructures are there to justify and enforce certain acts “…live by the labour of others and taught by religion to [practice] charity while on earth, thus offering them a very cheap way of justifying their entire existence…” (Pals, 168). It is like accepting what the person is going through, but can it be that Pope Francis is not saying for the people of Rohingya to accept what they are going through, but advocating for them to the “higher” authorities in our present society? Time has changed and it seems that at least for religion, has been advocating for the oppressed just either directly or indirectly.



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