Anoop Nijjar: “Trump and LGBTQ Rights in the Workplace”

Image result for LGBT rights in the workplace

This article discusses why specific christians may be upset with President Trump’s action in the workplace. Trump has decided to continue with an order put in by former President Obama in 2014. The order is to protect the rights of members of the LBGTQ community. Trump made the promise to keep this order in effect once in office and is sticking to his promise. However many religious conservatives are upset with his decision. They are upset because they fear that this decision will create discrimination against people of faith in the workplace.

It is unfair for religious conservatives to place their well being in front of that of the LBGTQ community. If anything, they should be arguing for equal rights in the workplace, not playing the victim and wanting President Trump to side with them. Everything we have discussed in class shows that religion is a tool to decipher and label the world around us. Whether it be the explanation of Tylor’s theory of animism or Frazer’s “Primitive magician,” it should not be used as a tool to get ahead or oppress other groups of people. Emile Durkheim described religion as a theory of social cohesion. These religious conservatives are using their faith as an excuse to fear the LBGTQ communities advancements and falsely self victimize themselves. Durkeim considered how religion builds social structures and transforms from a privatized practice into a practice within the public sphere. After expanding, religion became more easily accessible. Why would a practice trying to expand and include more followers mistreat and ignore the rights of a specific community of people? Religion has been used to identify the world and the self, setting up a moral code to live by and societal standards to follow. For some, these standards may differ. And in this case they do, as the religious conservatives want special treatment over members of the LBGTQ community.


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