Christian Covarrubias Duarte: Tract (RLST Colloquium)

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On March 9, 2017 there was a colloquium event discussing Gospel Tract. The presentation was done by a Doctoral student named Sean Sagan and it was titled “Only a Tract”. In this presentation Sagan discussed specific ways in which gospel tracts are distributed and discussed how effective they are in converting people to Christianity. For those who are unfamiliar with what tracts are, they are small papers filled with religious rhetoric that missionaries hand out to people on the streets. Perhaps you may have seen a tract on the floor of a public bathroom or some person handing out these cards to spread the word of the gospel. The speaker discussed how the effectiveness of these tracts is debated among evangelical circles and that the main reasoning for handing out these tracts develop a spiritual network. Tracts may be thrown on the floor but the idea is that someone else may walk along the road and pick up the tract and become saved from sin. Sagan also discussed “Open Air” preaching which is when a preacher gathers a crowd in a public space which sometimes creates tension between individuals who are not religious.


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