Claudia Ramirez: US Christians Critique Trump’s Overseas Christian Bias

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A week after going into presidential office Donald Trump announced an executive order that would ban refugee entry from Muslim countries and only help those who are a part of the Christian Community. According to Trump, over-sea Christians have also been victims of persecution and terrorism, and have “suffered more so than others.” However, as stated by the New York Times, many Christian leaders were outraged by Trumps executive order; saying that it was unfair to give help or in this case refugee to only certain religious groups. Some members of the Christian community were also outraged because it seemed as though Trump was re-defining Christianity into something that it was never meant for. Petitions from the World Relief were already being signed by Christians against his executive order as well. However, on a side note, the ACLU quickly found Trump’s Muslim Ban unconstitutional and they did not let his executive order pass.

I decided to analyze my article through Emile Durkheim. Durkheim believed that religion was a form of Social Cohesion and believed that all religions were true. Instead of condemning and criticizing Muslims the way Trump did, Christian Leaders rose to help them. They believe in assisting all, regardless of their religious beliefs, which demonstrates how they come together as a community just how Durkheim explains. Durkheim also explains that members of a society misunderstand the context of how a sacred group is supposed to act as a whole and not as separate groups and I believe that is where Trump falls. He believes in separating religious groups and criticizes those who do not share the same beliefs.


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